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"The Tide has waned!"

The Tide is an event which takes place in the Ocean. The Tide may began once a player uses a Black Pearl if the criteria stated below are met. The Tide scales into Hardmode, introducing new enemies, drops and difficulty up until they defeat all three Mechanical Bosses.

The player must kill 100 tide enemies before the event is completed.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

Tide Icon.png
Progress bar icon

The criteria needed to begin the Tide are as follows:

  • The player must be located in the Ocean.
  • There must be no Tide event already in progress.

Not fulfilling these requirements will notify the player by displaying "The Tide only ebbs by the sea." in the chat.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Tide
Characters Unique Drops

In Pre-Hardmode

Greenfin Trapper.png Greenfin Trapper
Mind Flayer.png Mind Flayer
Murky Terror.png Murky Terror
Tide Caller.png Tide Caller

Before defeating any Mechanical Boss:

Clamper.png Clamper

In Hardmode:

R'lyheian.png R'lyheian

After defeating any Mechanical Boss:

Cnidarian Kakamora.png Cnidarian Kakamora
Depth Trencher.png Depth Trencher
Kakamoran Tamer.png Kakamoran Tamer
Kakamoran Windglider.png Kakamoran Windglider
Kakamoran Raider.png Kakamoran Raider
Shell Bane.png Shell Bane

After defeating all Mechanical Bosses:

Lavavent Elemental.png Lavavent Elemental

From any enemy:

Black Pearl Shard.png Black Pearl Shard
(In Pre-Hardmode)
Depth Shard.png Depth Shard
(In Hardmode)
Tide Stone.png Tide Stone

From Mind Flayers:

Miniflayer Staff.png Miniflayer Staff

From Clampers:

Baby Clamper.png Baby Clamper

From Tide Callers:

Black Tide.png Black Tide

From Greenfin Trappers:

Ocean's Gale Javelin.png Ocean's Gale Javelin
Strange Kelp.png Strange Kelp

From Murky Terrors:

Black Tide.png Black Tide
Dread Water.png Dread Water

From R'lyheian:

R'lyehian Scepter.png R'lyehian Scepter
R'lyehian Wand.png R'lyehian Wand

From Kakamoran Windgliders:

Oasis Blade.png Oasis Blade

From Cnidarian Kakamoras:

Cnidarian Staff.png Cnidarian Staff

From Lavavent Elemental:

Lava Soul.png Lava Soul
Lava Spear.png Lava Spear
Lavacloud Staff.png Lavacloud Staff

From Kakamoran Raiders:

Tropic.png Tropic

Completing the event[edit | edit source]

The event is completed when the player(s) defeat every Tide enemy which has spawned during the event or if the player exits the game.

100 Tide-specific enemies spawn during the Pre-Hardmode event, all contributing one point to the event. However, in the Hardmode event this will vary depending on the amount of Tide Mini bosses are killed. R'lyheians contribute 3 points each and Lavavent Elementals contribute 4 points.

When the final wave of Tide enemies are on the screen, the status message, "The Tide has waned!" will appear; and Tide enemies will stop spawning. Even after the message is displayed, the event theme will keep playing until the last remaining Tide enemy is dead.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dying will not end the invasion or cause any Tide enemies to despawn.
  • Tide enemies override the current biome's enemies in the same way as Meteor Heads.
  • The invasion will not prevent most other events, so it is possible to fight the Tide and a Boss at the same time. A Blood Moon or a Solar Eclipse may begin during the Tide, but their related enemies only spawn after the Tide has been defeated.
  • The Tide will prevent dead NPCs from respawning for their duration.
  • If the Tide event begins shortly before summoning the Wall of Flesh or a Mechanical Boss and is not dealt with, it will immediately transfer to its Hardmode or Post-Mechanical Boss version after the boss is defeated.
  • If the player leaves the Ocean biome, the music will switch to normal, however the progress bar will strangely remain and enemies will still spawn if the player is close to the Ocean.

History[edit | edit source]

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Summonable Events Goblin Army • Frost Legion • Pirate Invasion • Solar Eclipse • The Tide