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Not to be confused with Boss/Event summoning items.

Various Summoning-related items have been added to increase the variety of summonable damage sources, and expand on the Summoner class in Terraria greatly. 10 new accessories and 9 armor types have been added to supplement a Summoner's arsenal.

There are currently 10 Pre-Hardmode and 15 Hardmode minions, 13 sentry-type summons and 6 other weapons that deal Summon damage.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Item Minion Damage Acquired / Made From
Overgrowth Staff.png Overgrowth Staff Overgrowth Spirit.png Overgrowth Spirit 6 50 Wood.png + 25 Acorn.png
Thornwild Staff.png Thornwild Staff Briar Spirit.png Briar Spirit 7 Reach Chest.png Reach Chest
Eater Staff.png Eater Staff Mini Eater.png Mini Eater of Souls 9 Eater of Souls.png Eater of Souls (3.5% or 1/28 chance)
Creeper Wand.png Creeper Wand Mini Creeper.png Mini Creeper 10 Face Monster.png Face Monster (3.5% or 1/28 chance)
Crawlerock Staff.png Crawlerock Staff Baby Cavern Crawler.png Baby Cavern Crawler 13 Cavern Crawler.png Cavern Crawler (4% or 1/25 chance)
Orbiter Staff.png Orbiter Staff Mini Meteor.png Mini Meteor 16 Mineroid.png Mineroid (5% or 1/30 chance)
Skeletalon Staff.png Skeletalon Staff Skeletalon.png Fossilized Bird 16 Ancient Flier.png Ancient Flier (50% or 1/2 chance)
Quackling Staff.png Quackling Staff Magic Whetstone.png Quackling.png Quackling 19 Duck.png + 10 Feather.png + Water Bolt.png
Miniflayer Staff.png Miniflayer Staff Mind-flaying Jellyfish.png Mind-flaying Jellyfish 22 Mind Flayer.png Mind Flayer (3% or 3/100 chance)
Starplate Staff.png Starplate Staff Starplate Spider.png Starplate Spider 23 Starplate Raider.png Starplate Raider (33.33% or 1/3 chance)

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Item Minion Damage Acquired / Made From
Famine Scepter.png Famine Scepter Hungry Minion.png Mini Hungry 24 Wall of Flesh.png Wall of Flesh (50% or 1/2 chance)
Pigron Staff.png Pigron Staff Pigron Minion.png Pigron 29 Corruption Pigron.png Pigron (5.5% or 1/18 chance)
Cloak of the Desert King.png Cloak of the Desert King Magic Whetstone.png Killer Bunny.png Killer Bunny 36 Crimson Cloak.png + 10 Soul of Night.png
Probe Staff.png Probe Staff Probe Minion.png Probe 36 11 Hallowed Bar.png + 13 Soul of Might.png + Destroyer Blueprint.png
R'lyehian Scepter.png R'lyehian Scepter Mini R'lyehian.png Mini R'lyehian 32 R'lyheian.png R'lyheian (50% or 1/2 chance)
Spirit Staff.png Spirit Staff Unbound Soul.png Unbound Soul 34 Bought from Lone Trapper.png Lone Trapper
Bio Staff.png Bio Staff Carnivorous Plant.png Carnivorous Plant 35 14 Primeval Essence.png
Gastropod Staff.png Gastropod Staff Gastropod Minion.png Gastropod Minion 38 Illuminant Master.png Illuminant Master (25% or 1/4 chance)
Dungeon Soul Staff.png Dungeon Soul Staff Magic Whetstone.png Dungeon Soul Minion.png Dungeon Soul 48 Spirit Staff.png + 4 Spirit Bar.png + 8 Ectoplasm.png
Enchanted Paladin's Hammer Staff.png Enchanted Paladin's Hammer Staff Enchanted Paladin's Hammer.png Enchanted Paladin's Hammer 55 Paladin.png Paladin (4% or 1/25 chance)
Terror Bark.png Terror Bark Terror Fiend.png Terror Fiend 65 Waking Nightmare.png Waking Nightmare (7.14% or 1/14 chance)
Lihzahrd Wand.png Lihzahrd Wand Magic Whetstone.png Flying Snake Minion.png Flying Snake Minion 44 Lihzahrd.png Lihzahrd (0.2% or 1/500 chance)
Dark Sun's Zenith.png Dark Sun's Zenith Dark Sun.png Dark Sun 46 Shadowflame Hex Doll.png + Heat Ray.png + Dark Shard.png + Light Shard.png + 10 Solar Tablet Fragment.png
Orion's Zenith.png Orion's Zenith Bright Star.png Bright Star 62 Dark Sun's Zenith.png + 7 Spirit Bar.png + 6 Stardust Fragment.png

Sentries[edit | edit source]

Item Minion Damage Acquired / Made From
Two-Faced Mask.png Two-Faced Mask Masked Souls.png Happy or Sad Soul 25 Mime Mask (Spirit).png + 5 Bloodfire.png + 2 Fossil Feather.png
Eternal Ashes.png Eternal Ashes Magic Whetstone.png Phoenix Minion.png Phoenix 41 Fire Feather.png + 3 Putrid Piece.png or Flesh Clump.png + 20 Pixie Dust.png
Staff of the Moongazer.png Staff of the Moongazer Watchful Eye.png Watchful Eye 39 The Omniscient.png The Omniscient (5% or 1/20 chance)
Glumshroom Staff.png Glumshroom Staff Gloomgus Mushroom.png Gloomgus Mushroom 51 Glow Toad.png Glow Toad + Magic Toadstool.png Magic Toadstool (33% or 1/3 chance)
Hedron Staff.png Hedron Staff Hedron Minion.png Hedron 48 Hedron.png Hedron (4% or 1/25 chance)
Shadow Sphere.png Shadow Sphere Shadow Sphere Minion.png Shadow Sphere 44 Dusking.png Dusking (20% or 1/5 chance)
Wispguard Staff.png Wispguard Staff Dark Spirit Minion.png Dark Spirit 44 Ethereal Umbra.png Ethereal Umbra (25% or 1/4 chance)
Primavore Staff.png Primavore Staff Primavore.png Primavore 52 14 Primeval Essence.png
Core Controller.png Core Controller Thermal Tank.png Thermal Tank 55 11 Thermal Bar.png
Engineering Rod.png Engineering Rod Tesla Turret Minion.png Tesla Turret 75 Gray Grunt.png Gray Grunt + Ray Gunner.png Ray Gunner + Brain Scrambler.png Brain Scrambler (2% or 1/50 chance)
Cragbound Staff.png Cragbound Staff Cragbound.png Cragbound 112 Atlas.png Atlas (16.67% or 1/6 chance)
Starlight Staff.png Starlight Staff Twinkle Popper Minion.png Twinkle Popper 71 Twinkle Popper.png Twinkle Popper (2.5% or 1/40 chance)
Neutron Star Staff.png Neutron Star Staff Magic Whetstone.png Neutron Star.gif Neutron Star 85 Zeus' Lightning.png + Lunar Portal Staff.png + 6 Accursed Relic.png

Other weapons that do summon damage[edit | edit source]

Item Damage Acquired / Made From
Ghast Staff.png Ghast Staff 60 Spirit Chest.png Spirit Chest
Yaksha's Grace.png Yaksha's Grace 67 14 Worshipper's Jewel.png
Death Wind I.png Death Wind 25 Odd Keystone.png + Aged Root Pod.png + Gilded Idol.png + Demonic Retina.png + 50 Primordial Magic.gif
Death Wind II.png Death Wind (Tier II) 39 Death Wind I.png + Necrotic Skull.png + Tide Stone.png + Stellar Apparatus.png + 75 Primordial Magic.gif
Death Wind III.png Death Wind (Tier III) 52 Death Wind II.png + Infernal Band.png + Cursed Medallion.png + Dark Crest.png + Battery Core.png + 100 Primordial Magic.gif
Death Wind IV.png Death Wind (Tier IV) 73 Death Wind III.png + Radiant Emblem.png + Plantera's Bloom.png + Apex Feather.png + Unrefined Rune Stone.png + Mysterious Catalyst.png + 150 Primordial Magic.gif

Summoning stat augments[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Appearance / Name Minion Boost(s) Acquired / Made From
Silk armor.png Silk armor
  • +8% minion damage
  • +1 maximum minions
  • Set Bonus: Increases minion damage and knockback by 5%
36 Silk.png + 4 Gold Bar.png
Chitin armor.png Chitin armor
  • +1 maximum number of minions
  • +5% minion damage
  • Set Bonus: Increases minion damage by 7%
36 Chitin.png
Diver's armor.png Diver's armor
  • +20% minion damage
  • +3 maximum minions
  • +30 maximum mana
  • Set Bonus: Provides the Ability to double jump
    A mini clamper fights for you!
21 Coral.png + 33 Black Pearl Shard.png + 4 Bottled Water.png
Seraph armor.png Seraph armor
  • +33% minion damage
  • +3 minion slots
  • +17% movement speed
  • 34% reduced mana cost
  • Set Bonus: Minions will sometimes shoot astral flares at enemies.
31 Azure Gem.png
Gore Magala armor.png Gore Magala armor
  • +60 maximum mana
  • +9% damage
  • +3 maximum minions
  • Set Bonus: Attacks inflict Frenzy Virus on foes
    Attacks cause the player to become imbued with a modified Virus
36 Gore Magala Scale.png
Spirit Crystal armor.png Spirit Crystal armor
  • +24% minion damage
  • +3 max minions
  • Set Bonus: Increases minion knockback by 10%
    Minion attacks may inflict 'Soul Burn' to hit foes
32 Spirit Crystal.png
Bloomwind armor.png Bloomwind armor
  • +32% minion damage
  • +5 max minions
  • Set Bonus: You are protected by a guardian of the wild
34 Primeval Essence.png
Quicksilver armor.png Quicksilver armor
  • +9% minion knockback
  • +2 max minions
  • Set Bonus: Increases damage by 6%
    Pressing the Armor Bonus hotkey will cause your cursor to release multiple damaging quicksilver droplets
    If these droplets hit foes, they will regenerate some of the player's life
    30 second cooldown
39 Quicksilver Shard.png
Wind God's armor.png Wind God's armor
  • +40% summon damage
  • +4 max minions
  • +10% movement speed
  • Set Bonus: Movement speed increases drastically as health wanes
    Minion attacks may release a fountain of souls from hit foes
45 Worshipper's Jewel.png
Shadowspirit Headdress.png Shadowspirit Headdress
  • +40% summon damage
  • +4 max minions
  • +10% movement speed
  • Set Bonus: Increases summon damage by 27%
    Increases max minions by 4
    Increases max mana by 120
6 Essence of Eternity.png

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Appearance / Name Minion Boost(s) Acquired / Made From
Baby Clamper.png Baby Clamper
  • Increases maximum number of minions by 1
Clamper.png Clamper
Bottled Phantom.png Bottled Phantom
  • A spectral entity guides you
10 Spectre Bar.png + 4 Spirit Bar.png
Cloak of Healing.png Cloak of Healing Magic Whetstone.png
  • Minions have a small chance to return life.
Healing Potion.png + 5 Old Leather.png + 3 Bloodfire.png
Cloak of Spirit.png Cloak of Spirit Magic Whetstone.png
  • Minions have a chance to return life
  • Minions do 10% less damage
Cloak of Healing.png + 10 Spirit Bar.png + 5 Ethereal Ember.gif
Cloak of the Vampire.png Cloak of the Vampire Magic Whetstone.png
  • Minions have a large chance to return life
  • Minions do 18% less damage
Cloak of Spirit.png + Vampire Knives.png
Guardian's Arm.png Guardian's Arm Magic Whetstone.png
  • Increases sentry count by 1
  • Increases armor penetration by 5
4 Geode.png + 5 Soul of Light.png + 10 Crystal Shard.png
Guardian's Cloak.png Guardian's Cloak Magic Whetstone.png
  • Minions have a large chance to return life
  • Minions do 18% less damage
  • Increases sentry count by 1
  • Increases armor penetration by 5
Cloak of the Vampire.png + Guardian's Arm.png + Essence of Eternity.png
Lava Soul.png Lava Soul
  • Getting hurt releases embers
  • Minions have a chance to inflict On Fire!
Lavavent Elemental.png Lavavent Elemental
Nora's Mark.png Nora's Mark Magic Whetstone.png
  • Increases minion damage by 18%
  • Increases maximum amount of minions by 1
  • Reduces damage taken by 15% when under half health.
Summoner Emblem.png + Cobalt Shield.png + 5 Gold Bar.png + 10 Soul of Sight.png
Silva's Soul.png Silva's Soul Magic Whetstone.png
  • Minions have a chance to spawn Tormented Soldiers
5 Sapphire.png + 5 Soul of Night.png + 5 Topaz.png + 10 Chitin.png
Stardust Emblem.png Stardust Emblem
  • Increases minion knockback by 15%
  • Increases minion damage by 17%
  • Increases maximum amount of minions by 2
Lunatic Cultist.png Lunatic Cultist
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