Sap Sipper

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Sap Sipper
  • Sap Sipper inventory sprite
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TooltipA bloody ward surrounds you, inflicting Blood Corruption to nearby enemies
Increases life regeneration slightly
Immunity to Poison
Increases maximum life by 10
Magic attacks occasionally drench enemies in venom
8% increased critical strike chance
Critical hits occasionally steal some life
Inflicts DebuffBlood Corruption.pngBlood Corruption
Debuff duration4 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour blood burns...
RarityRarity Level: 11
Sell3 Gold Coin.png

The Sap Sipper is a craftable accessory. When equipped, it increases life regeneration slightly, provides immunity to the Poisoned debuff, increases maximum life by 10, your Magic attacks have a chance to drench enemies in Venom, critical strike chance is increased by 8%, critical hits have a chance to heal the player and a Bloody Ward surrounds the player, inflicting Blood Corruption to nearby enemies.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Tinkerer's Workshop.png Tinkerer's Workshop
Ingredient(s) Amount
Pathogen Ward.png Pathogen Ward 1
Toxic Extract.png Toxic Extract 1
Sap Sipper.png Sap Sipper 1
Equipable Items: Spirit Body Armor.pngArmor • Chaos Crystal.pngAccessories ( Forsworn Pendant.pngCombat ) • Outlaw's Hat.pngVanity