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Potions are consumable items that grant the player a buff on use. The Spirit Mod currently adds 8 potions.

Potion Source/Ingredients Effects Duration Icon
Jump Potion.png Jump Potion Pink Gel.png Pink Gel
Gel.png Gel (2)
Daybloom.png Daybloom
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Greatly increases jump height 2 minutes
Jump Boost.png
Toxin Potion.png Toxin Potion Bismite Crystal.png Bismite Crystal
Enchanted Leaf.png Enchanted Leaf
Waterleaf.png Waterleaf
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Critical strikes may Poison hit foes
Increases critical strike chance by 4%
4 minutes
Toxin Strike.png
Starburn Potion.png Starburn Potion Soulbloom.png Soulbloom
Feather.png Feather (2)
Star Piece.png Star Piece
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Critical hits may cause stars to fall from the sky\nIncreases ranged damage and critical strike chance by 4% when moving 3 minutes
Star Burn.png
Spirit Potion.png Spirit Potion Spirit Koi.png Spirit Koi
Soul of Light.png Soul of Light
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Increases damage and critical strike chance by 5%
Getting hurt occasionally spawns a damaging bolt to chase enemies
2 minutes
Spirit Aura.png
Soulguard Potion.png Soulguard Potion Soulbloom.png Soulbloom
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Spirit Ore.png Spirit Ore (3)
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Getting hurt may cause all nearby enemies to suffer 'Soul Burn' for a short while
Increases melee damage by 5%
3 minutes
Soul Guard.png
Runescribe Potion.png Runescribe Potion Soulbloom.png Soulbloom
Fireblossom.png Fireblossom
Ancient Rune.png Ancient Rune
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Magic attacks may cause enemies to erupt into runes
Increases magic damage by 5%
3 minutes
Steadfast Potion.png Steadfast Potion Soulbloom.png Soulbloom
Shiverthorn.png Shiverthorn
Turtle Shell.png Turtle Shell
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Increases defense as health wanes
Reduces damage taken by 5%
4 minutes
Dungeon Spirit (Potion).png Dungeon Spirit (Potion) Rarely dropped by Dungeon Spirit.png Dungeon Spirits with a 5% chance 'It has had millenia to mature'
Renders you drunk, lowering defense by 10 and increasing melee damage and melee speed by 12%
Increases melee critical strike chance by 3%
10 minutes
Consumables: Jump Potion.png Potions ( Acid Vial.png Buff Potions) • Geode Shuriken.png Thrown Weapons

Spectre Bullet.png Ammunition • Aged Root Pod.png Materials ( Elderbark.png Drops • Spirit Ore.png Ores and Spirit Bar.png Bars) • Jewel Crown.png Other

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