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10 new Pets are added to the Spirit Mod. Like normal Terraria pets, they serve no purpose other than to be visually appealing.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Buff Pet Item Source
Cultfish (buff).png Cultfish.png Cultfish Mystical Cage.png Mystical Cage Mechanic's Rod.png Fishing
Lantern Power Battery (buff).png Lantern Power Battery.png Lantern Power Battery Ring of Willpower.png Ring of Willpower 10 Meteorite Bar.png Meteorite Bar + 1 Emerald.png Emerald + 3 Fallen Star.png Fallen Star   @   Anvil.png Anvil
Lil' Leonard (buff).png Lil' Leonard.png Lil' Leonard Thrall's Gate.png Thrall's Gate Frozen Zombie.png Zombie Eskimo and Ice Bat.png Ice Bat
Possessed Blade (buff).png Possessed Blade (pet).png Possessed Blade (pet) Demon Sheath.png Demon Sheath Muramasa.png Muramasa + 5 File:Bloodfire.png Bloodfire   @   Anvil.png Anvil
Star Spider (buff).png Star Spider.png Star Spider Stardrive Chip.png Stardrive Chip File:Cog Spider.png Cog Spider
Unbound Mask (buff).png Unbound Mask.png Unbound Mask Tattered Script.png Tattered Script Captive Mask.png Captive Mask

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Buff Pet Item Source
Looming Presence (buff).png Eldrich Abomination.png Eldrich Abomination Demon Tail.png Demon Tail Black Lens.png Black Lens + Demon Scythe.png Demon Scythe + Water Candle.png Water Candle + 3 Soul of Night.png Soul of Night   @   Tinkerer's Workshop.png Tinkerer's Workshop
Haunted Tome (buff).png Haunted Tome.png Haunted Tome Ancient Grimoire.png Ancient Grimoire Ancient Tome.png Ancient Tome
Boop (buff).png Peaceful Jellyfish.png Peaceful Jellyfish Jelly Peace Candle.png Jelly Peace Candle 3 Peace Candle.png Peace Candle + 3 Pink Gel.png Pink Gel + 3 Soul of Light.png Soul of Light   @   Bottle.png Bottle
Shadow Pup (buff).png Shadow Pup (pet).png Shadow Pup Shadow Collar.png Shadow Collar Shadow Pup.png Shadow Pup
Support Saucer (buff).png Support Saucer.png Support Saucer Support Beacon.png Support Beacon Martian Officer.png Martian Officer
Tools: Spirit Pickaxe.png Usual Tools • Support Beacon.png Summoning Tools •