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These are all the mounts found in the Spirit Mod.

Name of Mount Tooltip
Antlion Idol The Charger increases your mining speed by 20% when underground.
Enchanted Broom Raises magic and summon damage by 8%.
Candy Rotor Ride a helicopter to victory!

... a rather tiny one.

Diabolic Horn Provides a fiery platform to fly on.
Strange Kelp Summons a rideable Greenfin Treader for you to ride on.
Drakin Teeth Increases damage dealt by 5% and defense by 10

Magic attacks may shoot out Drakin breath along with regular projectiles

Solar Rattle When riding a Drakomire, defense is increased by 40

A fiery trail is left behind and knockback is ignored

The Drakomire also builds up stamina, allowing for a dash every 10 seconds