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TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentMystic Moon
AI TypeGlitterfly AI
Damage45 / 90
Max Life460 / 920
KB Resist9%
Inflicts debuffStar Flame.pngStar Flame
Debuff duration3.33 seconds
Debuff tooltip'An astral flame saps your vitality'
Inflicts debuffConfused.pngConfused
Debuff duration5 seconds (projectile)
Debuff tooltipMovement is reversed

The Glitterfly is a Hardmode enemy that can be found during the Mystic Moon event. It flies around and tries to stay above the player while shooting Star Sting projectiles at them. Occasionally, it can fire the purple version of Star Sting, inflicting the Confused debuff. It has a chance to inflict the Star Flame debuff on contact.

History[edit | edit source]

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