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These NPCs and items are dedicated to specific users who have donated in order to have their own idea of an item or NPC implemented into the mod.

Donator Items[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Items[edit | edit source]

Broken Gold Broadsword.png Broken Gold Broadsword Broken Platinum Broadsword.png Broken Platinum Broadsword Demon Sheath.png Demon Sheath
Duskfeather Dagger.png Duskfeather Dagger Folv's Arcane Bolt.png Folv's Arcane Bolt Folv's Lost Blade.png Folv's Lost Blade
Folv's Staff.png Folv's Staff Folv's Staff of Defense.png Folv's Staff of Defense Mystical Cage.png Mystical Cage
Quackling Staff.png Quackling Staff Sword of Redwall.png Sword of Redwall The Couch.png The Couch
Thrall's Gate.png Thrall's Gate Zanbat Sword.png Zanbat Sword Zanbat Sword (Tier II).png Zanbat Sword (Tier II)

Hardmode Items[edit | edit source]

Ancient Hilt.png Ancient Hilt Arc-en-Ciel.png Arc-en-Ciel Blade of Noah.png Blade of Noah
Blade of the You-Kai.png Blade of the You-Kai Cloak of the Desert King.png Cloak of the Desert King Combat Shotgun.png Combat Shotgun
Crook of the Tormented.png Crook of the Tormented Demon Tail.png Demon Tail Elendskraft.png Elendskraft
Eura's Will.png Eura's Will Firewall.png Firewall Flameberge Sword.png Flameberge Sword
Folv's Ancient Blade.png Folv's Ancient Blade Folv's Ancient Staff.png Folv's Ancient Staff Folv's Enchanted Blade.png Folv's Enchanted Blade
Folv's Magic Missiles.png Folv's Magic Missiles Folv's Missile Barrage.png Folv's Missile Barrage Folv's Sharpened Blade.png Folv's Sharpened Blade
Folv's Staff of Protection.png Folv's Staff of Protection Forgotten Enchantment.png Forgotten Enchantment Gauntlet of the Moon.png Gauntlet of the Moon
Gore Magala Scale.png Gore Magala Scale Hero's Bow.png Hero's Bow Jelly Peace Candle.png Jelly Peace Candle
Lightning Throw.png Lightning Throw Lihzahrd Wand.png Lihzahrd Wand Neutron Star Staff.png Neutron Star Staff
Magic Whetstone.png Magic Whetstone Mnemonic's Misfire.png Mnemonic's Misfire Nora's Mark.png Nora's Mark
Nosferatu.png Nosferatu Oaza.png Oaza Omniwrench.png Omniwrench
Princess' Scythe.png Princess' Scythe Punnapha's Essence.png Punnapha's Essence Schattenstolz.png Schattenstolz
Shinigami.png Shinigami Silva's Soul.png Silva's Soul Sluggy Throw.png Sluggy Throw
Sona's Determination.png Sona's Determination Terravolt.png Terravolt Vorpal Sword.png Vorpal Sword
Zanbat Sword (Tier III).png Zanbat Sword (Tier III)

Donator Vanity[edit | edit source]

Warrior armor
Item Type
Helmet of the Warrior.png Helmet of the Warrior
Chestplate of the Warrior.png Chestplate of the Warrior Vanity
Boots of the Warrior.png Boots of the Warrior
Gore Magala armor
Item Type
Gore Magala Veil.png Gore Magala Veil
Gore Magala Plate.png Gore Magala Plate Vanity
Gore Magala Greaves.png Gore Magala Greaves

Donator NPCs[edit | edit source]

Snow Monger.png Snow Monger