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The Reach is a mini-biome that generates on world creation. It is a small biome similar to the Forest, with trees and grass color, though it can be distinguished by its erratic design, Skulls on a Stick, above and underground Reach Chests, Campfires, strange small underground caves, and its own music. The Reach contains its own plethora of mobs, the Reachman, Reach Observer, Reach Shaman, Droseran Trapper, Gremlin, Grove Caster, Mycoid, and Bramble Burrower.

The Reach does not spread into any biome, and cannot be overrun by another spreading biome.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
25px Reachman
25px Reach Observer
25px Reach Shaman
Droseran Trapper.png Droseran Trapper
Gremlin.png Gremlin
25px Grove Caster
25px Mycoid
Bramble Burrower.png Bramble Burrower
Vinewrath Bane.png Vinewrath Bane

From Reachmen:
Sanctified Stabber.png Sanctified Stabber
Elderbark.png Elderbark
File:Aged Root Pod.png Aged Root Pod

From Reach Observers:

Elderbark.png Elderbark
Enchanted Leaf.png Enchanted Leaf
File:Aged Root Pod.png Aged Root Pod

From Reach Shamen:

Shaman's Bracelet.png Shaman's Bracelet
File:Aged Root Pod.png Aged Root Pod
From Droseran Trappers:
Enchanted Leaf.png Enchanted Leaf
File:Aged Root Pod.png Aged Root Pod

From Gremlins:

Gremlin Tooth.png Gremlin Tooth
File:Aged Root Pod.png Aged Root Pod

From Grove Casters:

Enchanted Leaf.png Enchanted Leaf
From terrain:
Strange Flora.png Strange Flora
Elderbark.png Elderbark
Spike.png Spike
25px Altar of Creation
Campfire.png Campfire
Reach Chest.png Reach Chest
Skull on a Stick.png Skull on a Stick

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Reach has its own boss, the Vinewrath Bane.
  • The Reach is the smallest surface biome in the game, though its size can usually be compared to that of some Granite Caves.
  • The Reach is the only surface biome in the game that is not affected by any other biome, meaning that it stops the spread of/cannot spread into any biomes.
  • It has an extremely erratic design, with single-block holes appearing plentifully on the Strange Flora surface.
  • Reach Grass (also known as Strange Flora) glows at night.
  • The concept and name of the Reach are inspired by the Reach from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, possibly mixed with other sources of inspiration.

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History[edit | edit source]

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