Blood Moon

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The Spirit Mod adds five new enemies, 4 new drops, as well as the ability to start the Blood Moon event with the Blood Charm.

During the Blood Moon, two Mini Bosses can spawn naturally. One is the Flesh Golem which spawns in Pre-Hardmode, and the other is Blood Gazer which spawns only in Hardmode.

Content[edit | edit source]

Blood Moon
Characters Unique Drops
Chomper.png Chomper
Deadeye Marksman.png Deadeye Marksman
Flesh Hound.png Flesh Hound
Flesh Golem.png Flesh Golem

In Hardmode

Blood Gazer.png Blood Gazer

From any enemy:

Bloodfire.png Bloodfire

From Deadeye Marksmans:

Vitality Stone.png Vitality Stone

From Flesh Golems:

Flesh Render.png Flesh Render

From Blood Gazers:

Veinstone.png Veinstone
Random Events Blood Moon • Blue Moon • Sandstorm • Solar Eclipse
Summonable Events Goblin Army • Frost Legion • Pirate Invasion • Solar Eclipse • The Tide