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Artifact Weapons
  • Shard of Thanos.gif Star Weaver.gif Solus.gif Death Wind.gif Death Rot.gif
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For an extensive guide to crafting these items, and a crafting tree, see Guide:Crafting Artifact Weapons.

Artifact Weapons are very powerful unique weapons. Artifact weapons have their own tiers, which can be upgraded as the player progresses throughout the game. Each Artifact weapon possesses its own Artifact Accessory, which empowers the weapon in some form, whether it be a simple damage increase or its own unique effect. Artifact weapons have their own special materials of which most of them come from certain bosses.

Artifact Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Damage Type Description Artifact Accessory
Shard of Thanos.gif Shard of Thanos Melee A swung weapon which fires a bouncy afterimage. Right clicking will spawn a rotating shield around the wielder. Seal of the Unbroken.png Seal of the Unbroken
Star Weaver.gif Star Weaver Ranged A bow which fires multiple arrows at once. Right clicking will fire an explosive burning core with a cooldown. Moonsong Blossom.png Moonsong Blossom
Solus.gif Solus Magic A staff which fires multiple homing bolts with different effects depending on the tier. Grail of the Righteous.png Grail of the Righteous
Death Wind.gif Death Wind Summon A scythe that throws a returning homing scythe upon use. Right clicking will cause all nearby enemies to take more damage. Bough of Corruption.png Bough of Corruption
Death Rot.gif Death Rot Thrown A dagger that moves in an arc-styled fashion that inflicts Pestilence. Kingslayer Flask.png Kingslayer Flask

Artifact Materials[edit | edit source]

Tier Materials
All Primordial Magic.gif Primordial Magic
1 Odd Keystone.png Odd Keystone Aged Root Pod.png Aged Root Pod Gilded Idol.png Gilded Idol Demonic Retina.png Demonic Retina
2 Necrotic Skull.png Necrotic Skull Tide Stone.png Tide Stone Stellar Apparatus.png Stellar Apparatus
3 Infernal Band.png Infernal Band Cursed Medallion.png Cursed Medallion Dark Crest.png Dark Crest Battery Core.png Battery Core
4 Radiant Emblem.png Radiant Emblem Plantera's Bloom.png Plantera's Bloom Apex Feather.png Apex Feather Unrefined Rune Stone.png Unrefined Rune Stone Mysterious Catalyst.png Mysterious Catalyst

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.3.1: Introduced a feature where artifact accessories will provide special bonuses to their respective artifact weapon.
  • 1.3: Buffed expert drop rates for artifact materials.
  • Introduced the Death Wind and buffed artifact material drop rates.
  • Buffed all artifact weapons and added special colored text to their tooltips to display more clearly that they are an artifact weapon.
  • Buffed expert artifact material drop rates.
  • Buffed drop rates of artifact materials that are dropped by bosses.
  • Buffed drop rates of artifact materials.
  • Introduced.
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