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There are several new kinds of ammunition implemented into Terraria by the Spirit Mod. These include arrows, bullets and a couple of new types of solution for use with the Clentaminator.

Bullets[edit | edit source]

Fired from Guns. For more information, see Bullets.

Name Damage Velocity Knockback Rarity Sell
Electrified Bullet.png Electrified Bullet 15 9 1.5
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 10 5 Silver Coin
Magic Bullet.png Magic Bullet 25 9 2.5
(Very Weak)
Rarity Level: 10 2 Silver Coin.png
Spectre Bullet.png Spectre Bullet 10 9 1.5
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 9 2 Silver Coin

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Fired from Bows and Repeaters. For more information, see Arrows.

Name Damage Velocity Knockback Rarity Sell
Electrified Arrow.png Electrified Arrow 16 1 2
(Very Weak)
Rarity Level: 9 24 Silver Coin
Poison Arrow.png Poison Arrow 7 4 0
(No Knockback)
Rarity Level: 1 8 Copper Coin.png
Slimed Arrow.png Slimed Arrow 5 3 0
(No Knockback)
Rarity Level: 1 4 Copper Coin.png

Ammo used by tools[edit | edit source]

Solutions[edit | edit source]

Fired from the Clentaminator. Spreads or removes biomes.

Solution Use

Soulless Solution.png Soulless Solution

Destroys the Spirit

Spirit Solution.png Spirit Solution

Spreads the Spirit
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